Welcome to IWMCP 2012

Model Driven Engineering elevates models to first class artefacts of the  software development process. To facilitate multi-user collaboration and enable version management and seamless evolution of models and metamodels, support for robust and performant model comparison and differencing mechanisms is essential.

Previous research has demonstrated that mechanisms used for comparison and differencing of text-based artefacts (e.g. source code) are not sufficient for comparing models, as they are unaware of the structure and the semantics of the compared artefacts.

To date, several model-specific model comparison approaches have been proposed, each demonstrating different characteristics and focusing on particular sub-problems. For instance, model comparison techniques have been adopted for software refactoring, for transformation testing, to support the coupled evolution of metamodel and models, or to analyse existing artefacts with respect to some criteria. However the consensus is that this research area is still young and more research is required in order to achieve the full potential of model comparison.

The goal of the workshop is to gather together both researchers in the area of model comparison and differencing to report novel results, and especially adopters of existing approaches to present their experiences and provide insights on issues encountered when applying these approaches in practice.

Main topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
 - Model comparison
 - Model differencing
 - Model versioning
 - Metamodel evolution and model co-evolution
 - Empirical results from applying model comparison in practice
 - Industrial use cases
 - Benchmarking